Logo and Company Signature

The Elliott Electric Supply logo and Company Signature has been designed so our image is always consistent in all of our efforts. The following will explain how the logo should be properly used.

The Elliott Electric Supply logo must not be modified in any way. The elements of the logo may not be repositioned, removed, or skewed. The minimum reproducible size of the corporate signature is a width of 1 inch.

The Elliott Electric Supply Company Signature should also remain identical when used in combination with the logo. "ELLIOTT ELECTRIC SUPPLY" is in Cheltenham Bold Headline (True Type) and can vary in size. The letters should be in all caps with the "E", "E" and "S" 1.5 times larger than the other letters.

Color Guidelines

If you need to reproduce the Elliott Electric Supply logo in color, it should always be printed in the appropriate reflex blue color, black, and white. Do not reverse the color palettes for any reason. The logo may be printed in one color where one color printing is required but is limited to black, reflex blue, or gray regardless of the background. The Company Signature can be produced in either black or reflex blue. Below are the formulas for reproducing the Reflex blue color.

Pantone Color 4 Color Process RGB HEX
Reflex Blue Cyan - 100%
Magenta - 73%
Yellow - 0%
Black - 2%
Red - 0
Green - 84
Blue - 164

Minimum size for this logo is 1 inch wide. Files are supplied as Adobe® Illustrator® EPS files and are fully scalable to be used in vector format for items such as banners and t-shirts. Color, black & white, and grayscale JPEG versions are also available for print or electronic use, but do not enlarge them. Please choose the appropriate sized one for the application. For online applications you may download the EPS version and import it into Adobe® Photoshop® (or similar paint program) to create the desired file type, or we encourage you to use the small web logo provided below (.png file).

Download the Elliott Electric Supply Logo

To download the Elliott Electric Supply logo, simply locate the version you need and click on the appropriate link below (right-click and 'Save Link As...'). Please note that by downloading the logo, you are also agreeing to the Terms of Use described below.

High-Resolution Logos: vector or raster at 300dpi. CMYK or RGB.

Color Version for Print Black Only Version for Print Color Version for Electronic Use

Web Logos: smaller logos for web links and other electronic use. Shown in actual size

128 x 106
Download (PNG)

180 x 60
Download (PNG)

Terms of Use

By downloading the Elliott Electric Supply logo or creating the Company Signature, you thereby agree to use the logo/signature in accordance with the terms outlined herein. You further agree that any use of the company’s logo/signature in a manner inconsistent with the foregoing will cause the Company irreparable damage, and that the Company shall have the right to seek equitable and injunctive relief for any such misuse and to such damages as or occasioned by any such misuse. The use of the Company’s logo/signature is limited and you will immediately comply with any request by the Company to discontinue use of the logo/signature.