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The upgrade you've been waiting for has arrived! Make no mistake – the new represents more than a mere face-lift for our previous website. The site has been totally rebuilt from the inside-out: new searching abilities, new account management systems, amazing new ways to browse our low-cost electrical supplies, and so much more–all of it carefully crafted to save you time and money. It's a complete overhaul of Elliott Electric Supply's online presence...and it's now released for you to enjoy first-hand.

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We can't stress this enough: it's extremely important to us that you tell us what you think about the new site. After all, a good deal of the new tools and features that you'll see have originated directly from customer requests. This means you have a say in how progresses in the future. This is your website, and it's our goal to build it to your specifications. We highly value any and all comments and suggestions. Note: in addition to the button below, a link to 'Leave Feedback' is located at the bottom of every page, in the leftmost column labeled 'Support.'

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There's a lot to discover on our new site that simply wasn't available in the previous For starters, all of the main navigation menus (at the top of every page) expand when you hover your mouse over them. This means less clicking, less load time, and less scrolling around, since we can fit much more content into collapsible menus.

You'll notice brand-new sections, like 'About Us' and 'Support,' which include way more company and website information (respectively) than what was available from the old site. Likewise, the new 'Products' menu at the top takes our previous 'Online Catalog' to a whole new level! Also, you'll love the ease of use that our new keyword search tool offers. All this and more is right at your fingertips.

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Welcome to the new Don't forget to tell us what you think!