Outdoor Lighting: Landscape Patio Flood Lights

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting, or exterior lighting fixtures, are commonly used outside residential, commercial, and industrial locations to illuminate exterior areas to improve security or safety, to extend the hours of use of the outside area, or to improve visual appeal. Outdoor lights are weatherized to withstand different weather conditions. When installing a light fixture outside, it's important to use outdoor lighting fixtures, as opposed to indoor lighting fixtures, which are not built to the same standards.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting, including landscape lighting, flood lights, and solar garden lights, enhances safety and security by improving visibility and deterring potential intruders. Landscape lighting also elevates aesthetic appeal and extends the usability of outdoor areas. These fixtures can be automated with timers and motion sensors, or as smart outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Landscape Spotlights and Accent Lights

Landscape LED spotlight fixture

An outdoor spotlight, or accent light, is used to illuminate a specific outside area; this may include modern garden decorations or pathways. There are many kinds of outdoor spotlights, though they all have the same features: bright illumination, versatile light intensity, manually-focused lenses, and beam adjustability. Spotlights and accent lights can be mounted on walls and ceilings, recessed into the ground, or freestanding.

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Garden Lights

Landscape outdoor garden light fixture

Garden lights are small fixtures used to enhance the aesthetics of outdoor garden space, showcasing the beauty of plants and flowers. Unlike landscape light fixtures, garden lights are more decorative with lower light levels, which makes them a great choice for pathway lights too! Some LED garden lights are freestanding and battery powered, while others require electrical connections, usually run underground. LED garden lights and solar garden lights are the most popular types of garden lighting due to their low voltage power and energy efficiency.

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Ground Lights

Low voltage landscaping well lights

Landscape ground lights, or well lights, are durable, ground-installed fixtures used to illuminate outdoor features with focused and upward lighting. Ground Lights enhance the beauty of gardens, pathways, and hard-scapes, creating a visually captivating outdoor environment. When used as low-voltage pathway lights, they provide a subtle and attractive lighting effect, enhancing visibility along the path while adding a touch of elegance to the landscape. Solar ground lights are a great cordless option and can be placed almost anywhere for optimal design.

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Outdoor Walkway Lights

Outdoor walkway or pathway lights are similar to post lights. Pathway lights act as markers along a path to aid in visibility. Outdoor pathway lights can be integrated into existing structures like walls or posts, or they can be standalone fixtures installed in the ground. They offer customization options, allowing for a choice between focused illumination or ambient light, selecting larger or smaller beams, and even different light bulb colors to suit specific preferences or design needs.

LED Wired and Solar Pathway Lights

LED outdoor walkway light

LED pathway light fixtures offer numerous benefits for outdoor lighting needs and provide energy-efficient illumination to enhance safety and visibility along pathways. Solar pathway lights provide automatic nighttime lighting, which makes them a popular choice for both solar path lights and solar driveway lights. Although solar pathway lights are not as long-lasting as wired pathway lights, they add a modern touch to outdoor spaces where underground wiring would be impractical.

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Outdoor Post Lights

LED outdoor post light

Outdoor post lights are larger freestanding fixtures that provide continuous lighting from dusk to dawn. Because of their versatility, post lights serve multiple purposes functioning as elevated features in residential landscaping, illuminating roadways and streets, and providing safety lighting along bicycle paths and walking trails. Post lights may be offered with different lighting options, including high-pressure sodium (HPS) for outdoor HID lights, energy-efficient outdoor LED lights, or environmentally friendly solar lamp post lights.

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Outdoor Stair Lights

LED outdoor step light

Also called step lights, outdoor stair lights are embedded into a wall close to the ground or along each step to illuminate the elevated area. This extra stair lighting aids in the accessibility and visibility of dangerous areas that need illumination to be used safely. Popular options for outdoor step lights include recessed LED step lights, compact fluorescent stair lights, and solar step lights, which offer automatic dusk to dawn safety lighting.

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Porch Lights and Patio Lights

Outdoor porch lights and patio lights are essential for both residential and commercial spaces, providing necessary illumination for safe and enjoyable activities during evening hours. Porch lights create a welcoming ambiance, extending the use of outdoor areas into the night and enhancing the overall appeal of the porch or patio. For homeowners, porch lights and patio lights offer a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, while for businesses, they attract customers and enhance the outdoor dining or entertainment experience, making porch lights and patio lights a valuable addition to any outdoor living space.

Outdoor Wall Lighting

LED outdoor wall light fixtures

Weather-resistant modern outdoor wall lighting can be mounted to exterior structures to provide safety or accent architectural design. Sometimes called outdoor wall mount lights or wall packs, outdoor wall lighting comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit in any residential and commercial location. Solar wall lights are wireless outdoor wall lighting fixtures that provide dusk to dawn outdoor lighting. Motion sensor outdoor wall lights turn on automatically when motion is detected nearby.

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Outdoor Ceiling Lights

LED outdoor ceiling light fixture

Outdoor ceiling lights, including patio and porch ceiling lights, are weather-proof lighting products designed for installation on exterior ceilings. Outdoor ceiling lights come in various styles, including flush mounts and semi-flush mounts, catering to different outdoor spaces and design preferences. With their ability to provide overhead illumination in outdoor environments, outdoor ceiling lights are an ideal choice for patio lighting, enhancing safety and aesthetics in residential and commercial outdoor spaces.

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Outdoor Ceiling Fans with Lights

Large outdoor ceiling fan with lights

This type of fixture combines the functionality of a ceiling fan for air circulation and cooling with the added feature of a built-in light fixture for illumination. Outdoor ceiling fans with lights are specifically designed to withstand exposure to the elements and are suitable for use in covered outdoor areas, such as porches, patios, or gazebos.

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Outdoor Recessed Lighting

LED outdoor recessed light fixtures

A recessed light fixture, also known as a recessed can light or pot light, is a type of lighting fixture that is installed into a hollow opening in the ceiling, creating a seamless and flush appearance. Unlike traditional surface-mounted fixtures that protrude from the ceiling, recessed lights are set inside the ceiling, directing the light downward without visible components.

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Decorative Outdoor Lighting

Decorative outdoor lighting serves two purposes: providing illumination and upgrading the look of exterior spaces. These decorative outdoor lighting fixtures come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs to offer customizability that fits any design aesthetic. There are many kinds of decorative outdoor lighting, including outdoor sconces, outdoor string lights, outdoor hanging lights, and lamp post lights. Depending on each outdoor lighting fixture, many different light bulbs can be used, although LED and solar lights are the most environmentally friendly options and save the most on electricity costs.

Outdoor Sconces

LED outdoor wall sconce light fixture

Outdoor sconces are also mounted onto a wall, although the way they direct illumination is different from standard outdoor wall lights and is specific to each sconce design. Outdoor sconces differ from standard wall lights in that wall sconces do not completely conceal the bulb with a glass or plastic covering, causing the light to be focused in the direction of the cover opening. Most wall sconces focus light upward. There are many types of outdoor sconce lights, most commonly flush-mount, swing arm, and candle. Like outdoor wall lights, outdoor sconces come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and bulb types.

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Outdoor String Lights

LED outdoor string lights

Outdoor string lights allow for multiple light bulbs to hang from a single electric wire and are commonly used for decorative outdoor lighting. Weather-proof string lights come in a wide range of styles and colors and are used to decorate patios, gardens, and other outdoor areas. Solar string lights can be easily moved and installed in various outdoor locations without the need for electrical connections.

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Outdoor Hanging Lights

Outdoor hanging pendant light fixture

Outdoor hanging lights, also known as outdoor pendant lights, outdoor lanterns, or outdoor hanging chandeliers, are decorative lighting fixtures designed for outdoor use. Outdoor hanging lights are suspended from a chain, rod, or cord and are commonly used in covered outdoor areas to provide functional illumination while adding visual appeal to the space. With durable materials and stylish designs, outdoor hanging lights create a warm and inviting atmosphere in patios, porches, and entryways.

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Solar Lamp Post Lights

Outdoor hanging pendant light fixture

Solar lamp posts are a popular and cost-effective outdoor lighting option, powered by solar energy for reduced energy costs. Because of this, these outdoor lamp posts can be placed anywhere and are easy to install. Their aesthetic appeal provides ample illumination to pathways, gardens, driveways, and other outdoor areas, enhancing safety and visual charm in residential and commercial settings.

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Outdoor Security Lights

Outdoor security lights provide safety by illuminating areas during nighttime hours or periods of low illumination. Adequate lighting can reduce the number and severity of accidents in the lit area and also deter crime. Outdoor security lights can be automated with motion sensors, light sensors, or timers. Outdoor security lights often use high-intensity discharge (HID) light bulbs or LED light bulbs to flood an exterior area with light.

Examples of outdoor security lights include outdoor flood lights, outdoor standby safety lighting, portable lighting, and emergency lighting. To learn about emergency lighting and staying illuminated during power outages, visit our Emergency Lighting page.

Outdoor Flood Lights

Flood lights are excellent security lights due to their powerful and wide-angle illumination, effectively illuminating large outdoor areas. Their bright and intense light deters potential intruders by creating a well-lit environment, reducing hiding spots, and making it more challenging to approach undetected. Often, these are LED or HID exterior lighting. These fixtures can come in three main types: single-head (only one bulb), twin-head (with two lightbulbs), and multi-head (more than two light bulbs).

Elliott Electric Supply offers many kinds of outdoor flood lights.

Outdoor LED Flood Light

LED floodlight security fixture

Outdoor LED flood lights are environmentally friendly and reduce energy costs. The long-lasting lifetime of LED flood lights also means that LED light bulbs have to be replaced less frequently than other options.

See our comparison chart comparing the long-run costs of LED bulbs with HID and Halogen bulbs.

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Outdoor Solar Flood Lights

Solar powered LED security flood light

Solar Flood lights do not require an electrical connection; rather, they use solar panels to collect energy from the sun during the day and store it in built-in batteries. At night, the stored energy automatically powers high-intensity LEDs, creating a bright and efficient source of illumination. Because they don't require electrical wiring or grid electricity, outdoor solar floodlights are great for remote and hard‑to‑reach areas.

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Motion Sensor Outdoor Wall Lights

Motion sensor security outdoor lighting

Motion sensor outdoor wall lights are energy‑saving light fixtures because they will remain off until they sense motion within their detection range. Not only does this lower electricity costs, but it also extends the bulb's life. Motion sensor lights provide more security to outdoor spaces with lower traffic, and their automation reduces the need for hands‑on management. These additional benefits make a motion sensor outdoor wall light a great choice for outdoor security lighting.

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Smart Flood Lights with Camera

LED flood lights with security cameras

Elliott Electric Supply also offers smart LED floodlights equipped with security cameras. These motion-activated flood lights with a camera provide a strong level of security and a further deterrent to crime. The flood light's powerful luminosity allows the camera to record more accurate footage, which can be recorded and monitored remotely with a reliable internet connection.

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Area Street Light

LED halo outdoor area street light

An area street light is a type of area light fixture designed to provide wide and uniform illumination over large outdoor spaces. Typically mounted on poles or walls, these fixtures cast light downwards and are commonly used in streets, parking lots, parks, and recreational areas for enhanced safety and visibility at night. For additional convenience, solar parking lot lights are also available.

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Outdoor HID Flood Light

Outdoor HID flood light

An HID floodlight brightly illuminates a designated outdoor area with very bright light. Their high-intensity lighting aids in deterring crime and offers a greater sense of safety. HID floodlights are preferred for their ability to cover extensive areas with bright, even lighting, making them a popular choice for outdoor sports stadium lights and parking lot lights.

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Outdoor Standby Safety Lighting

Outdoor standby lighting provides continuous illumination during power outages or disturbances, ensuring safety and security in outdoor environments. It allows for uninterrupted outdoor activities, helps guide people safely during emergencies, and provides visibility in exterior areas to deter intruders. By complying with safety regulations, outdoor standby lighting offers peace of mind and enhanced functionality, making it a valuable addition to outdoor spaces.

Remote Head Emergency Light

LED remote head emergency light

A remote head emergency light, also known as a remote emergency light, is a type of emergency lighting system used for providing illumination during power outages or emergencies. Unlike traditional emergency lights that are built directly into a fixture, remote emergency lights have separate light heads that are connected to a central battery backup system through remote wiring.

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Portable Security Lighting

Portable security lighting may provide temporary additional security lighting during hours of darkness or on a need-by-need basis. Portable security lighting may consist of manually run lights, often with high flexibility for easy maneuverability. These portable lights are typically used when continuous or standby lighting is not necessary such as in roadside maintenance, when staying in one location is implausible.

Tower Light

Portable safety tower light

A tower light is a portable lighting fixture with an extendable LED head. This offers flexibility and convenience in temporary or changing work environments. Tower lights can be placed anywhere on a job site, which helps deter criminals and improves overall safety.

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Mounting Flood Light

Security mounting portable light

A mounting flood light is a battery-powered lighting device that can be mounted in locations with limited access to reliable electricity. Their portability makes them an ideal solution for lighting and security at temporary worksites, hard-to-reach places, outdoor events, and emergencies.

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Dusk to Dawn Security Lighting

Outdoor dusk to dawn lighting, also known as continuous lighting, is the most common type of outdoor security light because it automatically turns on at nighttime and remains illuminated during all hours of darkness. Dusk to dawn lights are an energy-efficient solution to deter criminals and are commonly used to protect entryways, walkways, and driveways. With its automatic operation, it offers peace of mind and convenience without the need for manual operation.

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Strategies for Security Lighting

Privacy Lighting

Privacy lighting, or non-reflective lighting, is a security technique that uses a series of fixed lights to create a 'barrier' of light around a designated area. This high-intensity illumination prevents outsiders from seeing inside the secured area and protects the privacy of those within.

Perimeter Lighting

Perimeter lighting provides consistent brightness around the perimeter of a property or specific area. It creates a well-lit and secure area by providing visibility along fences or walls and helping to monitor potential security breaches.

Surveillance Lighting

Surveillance lighting prioritizes illuminating areas being monitored by surveillance systems. Properly placed and controlled lighting ensures clear visibility for security cameras by minimizing shadows or dark areas that could compromise the video recording quality.

Targeted Lighting

Targeted lighting directs light to a specific area or object to improve visibility. Well-lit areas deter crime because criminals are more likely to be identified by passersby and security cameras. Targeted lighting can also be used to improve safety in dangerous areas like highways or work areas.

Area Lighting

Area lighting illuminates wide-open spaces. These fixtures are typically mounted on poles, walls, or other structures to cast light downwards and cover expansive outdoor spaces, such as parking lots, streets, pathways, and recreational areas.

Access Point Lighting

Access point lighting brings attention to important points of entry such as doors, gates, and driveways. By illuminating these areas, access point lighting enhances security, guides movement, and ensures easy navigation for pedestrians and vehicles in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Outdoor Solar Lights

Outdoor solar lights 10W solar security light

Outdoor solar light fixtures are eco-friendly and sustainable, harnessing renewable solar energy to illuminate outdoor spaces while reducing carbon emissions. They offer independence from the electrical grid, making them ideal for remote locations and providing cost-effective operation with low energy consumption. With easy installation and minimal maintenance, solar lights provide a hassle-free and aesthetically pleasing lighting solution for both residential and commercial landscapes. Overall, their environmentally conscious approach, energy efficiency, and versatility make them a popular and beneficial choice for outdoor lighting needs.

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Solar Lights vs Electric Lights

When choosing between solar and electrical lighting fixtures, it is important to consider the pros and cons of each for an effective outdoor lighting system. By taking these aspects into account, optimal performance, long-term savings, and environmental benefits can be ensured from the chosen light fixtures.

Benefits of Solar Lights

Solar lights are environmentally friendly, harnessing renewable energy from the sun and reducing carbon emissions. They offer energy cost savings by operating with free solar energy, leading to lower electricity bills. Solar lights are easy to install and have lower maintenance requirements, making them suitable for remote locations.

Disadvantages of Solar Lights

Solar lights are weather-dependent, with reduced performance during cloudy or rainy days. The initial investment for solar lights can be higher due to the cost of solar panels and batteries. They may have limited brightness and runtime in areas with less sunlight, affecting their effectiveness as primary outdoor lighting.

Benefits of Electric Lights

Electric lights provide consistent performance, ensuring reliable illumination regardless of weather conditions. They offer higher brightness levels and more lighting options, suitable for various outdoor applications and security purposes. Electric lights can be used in any outdoor setting, making them a versatile choice for different landscapes and climates.

Disadvantages of Electric Lights

Electric lights result in higher energy costs and often require professional installation and maintenance, which can be more complex and time-consuming. The use of traditional electricity for outdoor lighting contributes to carbon emissions and energy consumption, making them less environmentally friendly than solar alternatives.

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