Steel Raceway Parts Guide - Legrand Wiremold 2000 Series

Full parts diagram of steel electrical raceway, two piece, with fittings, couplers, clips, and more.

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The Wiremold 2000 series from Legrand is a line of versatile raceway products that are designed to provide a safe and organized way to manage electrical cords and cables. Wiremold 2000 series raceways are easy to install and can be mounted to walls, floors, or ceilings. They can be used in a variety of applications, including homes, offices, schools, and hospitals. The Wiremold 2000 series raceway products featured on this page are all steel construction.

Raceway Base & Cover
(2000 series)

Wiremold V2000BC steel raceway is an excellent choice for running cord and cable in residential and commercial settings. It comes in 5-foot lengths of 2-piece base and cover with ScuffCoat finish.

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Entrance Fitting
(1/2” KOs)

The Wiremold V2010A2 is a 2000 series steel entrance end fitting with 1/2” trade size KOs on the end, sides, and bottom. It is the starting point for power or data lines entering the raceway.

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Entrance Fitting
(1/2” + 3/4” KOs)

The Wiremold V2010A3 is a 2000 series steel entrance end fitting with 1/2” knockouts on the end, sides, and bottom. Unlike the V2010A2, the V2010A3 also has 3/4” KOs on the bottom and rear.

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Two Gang
Device Box

The Wiremold V20482, also known as the Legrand V2048-2, is a 2-gang device box fitting from the Wiremold 2000 series. It's designed to house and protect electrical devices like switches, receptacles, and dimmers within a raceway system.

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Single Gang
Device Box

The Wiremold V2048 is a single-gang device box designed for the Wiremold 2000 series raceway system. It's a crucial component for integrating switches, receptacles, and other electrical devices into your 2000 series raceway setup.

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Plugmold Outlet

The V20GB506 is a 5-foot, ivory plugmold from the Wiremold 2000 series. It's a hard-wired multi-outlet strip with 10 outlets, making it ideal for adding power where you need it most, like under kitchen cabinets, in workshops, or along walls.

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Flush Plate

The Wiremold V2051H is a flush plate adapter for the Wiremold 2000 series raceway. It allows you to connect a 2000 series raceway to an existing wall outlet. It has a 1/2-inch threaded stud, a toothed lock washer for grounding, and a conduit bushing.

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Cover Clip

The Wiremold V2006 is a cover clip fitting for the Wiremold 2000 series Plugmold raceway. It is made of steel with a baked enamel finish. Cover clips are used to cover the seams where two lengths of raceway come together.

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Blank End

The Wiremold V2010B is a blank end fitting for the Wiremold 2000 series Plugmold raceway. It's a small, ivory-colored piece of steel that snaps onto the end of the raceway to close it off and prevent cords from getting snagged or pulled out.

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Internal Corner

The 2017TC is a versatile fitting that can be used as either an inside corner coupling or a straight-through fitting for the Wiremold Plugmold 2000 series raceway. The 2017TC includes one fiber bushing and is a must for corner transitions.

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External Elbow
90° Fitting

The Wiremold V518 external elbow is a steel fitting used to change the direction of your electrical raceway by 90 degrees. With a paintable ivory finish, the V518 elbow smoothly bends Wiremold V500 raceway around corners or obstacles.

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External Elbow

The Wiremold V2018C is an external elbow cover fitting specifically designed for the Wiremold 2000 series raceway system. Made of steel with an ivory finish, the V2018C creates a neat and finished appearance at outside corners in raceways.

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Steel 90°
Flat Elbow

The Wiremold V2011 is a fitting designed for the Wiremold 2000 series, known as a 90-degree flat elbow. Steel with an ivory finish, these elbows are built to make right-angle turns on the same raceway surface.

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Tee Fitting

The Wiremold V2015 is a tee fitting (or T fitting) designed for Wiremold 2000 series raceways. With three pre-attached couplings and an ivory finish, it allows you to branch your raceway at right angles, providing flexibility for your electrical wiring layout.

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Side Reducing

The Wiremold V2089 is a 2000 series side reducing connector fitting, made of steel with an ivory finish. It's designed to seamlessly connect a smaller 500 series raceway to the side of a larger 2000 series raceway.

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We Also Stock Other Types of Raceway and Fittings

While the 2000 series raceway shines for its robust construction and extensive customization options, Elliott Electric Supply is proud to offer a comprehensive selection of metallic raceway and non-metallic raceway products to fit every project's needs, including other raceways from Wiremold like the 500 series and the 700 series.

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