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About Custom Part Numbers

Custom Part Numbers, a purchasing feature of your online Elliott account, allows you to load your own part numbers to correspond with any of our products. Your custom part numbers will appear when browsing products, making purchases, building quotes or custom lists, as well as on your invoices. You can also use your custom part numbers in the main search bar that appears on every page.

  • Creating Custom Part Numbers

  • We offer you several ways to create, add, and maintain Custom Part Numbers. These include:
  • Rapid Entry - Creating Custom Part Numbers Quickly

  • Rapid Entry for Creating Custom Part Numbers
  • Rapid Entry lets you define your Custom Part Numbers quickly by entering them side-by-side with the corresponding Elliott Catalog Numbers in the appropriate labeled columns. For example, you may enter "NormalBreaker_001" in the Custom Part Number column and "CH120" in the box directly to the right (in the "EES Catalog #" column). Once you’ve submitted your entries, if you had any pre-existing Custom Part Numbers setup for the products you entered, you will be asked to choose between the pre-existing or the new Custom Part Numbers.
  • If you require more entry fields than what appears on the main Custom Part Numbers page, click the "Display more entry fields" link at the top-right of the Rapid Entry section.
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  • Using Product Search to Manage Custom Part Numbers

  • Search Elliott Products to Create, Add, Delete, or Maintain Custom Part Numbers
  • On the main Custom Part Numbers page, you can use the "Product Search" tool to search our products just as you would with the site's main search tool. The search box allows you to search by Elliott Part Number, Manufacturer/Brand, or by entering Keywords.
  • Find the desired product from the search results, click it to open its Details page, and locate the "Add a Custom Part Number" link (to the right of the green "Add to Cart" button).
  • Elliott Online Product Details Info
  • This will prompt you to enter a Custom Part Number of your choosing, along with your own description of the item (for your convenience). Submit this information and the Custom Part Number will be saved. In the future, you may use your custom part numbers in product searches, as well as when building quotes. Your Custom Part Numbers are also visible on your invoices.
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  • Uploading Multiple Custom Part Numbers via Spreadsheet (.csv)

  • Upload Spreadsheet to Add / Create Custom Part Numbers
  • You can access the 'Upload Spreadsheet' feature for Custom Part Numbers on the main Custom Part Numbers page directly below the Rapid Entry section. Click the Upload Spreadsheet button and the page that loads will have a "Choose File" button, allowing you to submit a .csv spreadsheet file.
  • The first column in your spreadsheet must include your Custom Part Numbers, while the second column must contain our corresponding Elliott Catalog Numbers for each row (i.e., for each new Custom Part Number).
  • You may also include optional third and fourth columns. The third column should contain your custom description, and in the fourth column you can include our corresponding Vendor Code. Remember, however, that the third and fourth columns are entirely optional and their inclusion is up to you.
  • How to Create a .CSV File: In your spreadsheet software (typically Excel), when you save the file, select "Save As," then, in the window where you specify a file name and location, select the drop-down box at the bottom labeled "Save as type" and choose "CSV (Comma delimited) (.csv)." This is the file you want to upload and submit to set up multiple Custom Part Numbers at once.
  • If your spreadsheet contains any products for which you've already saved custom part numbers, an additional step will appear and give you the choice to use the newly submitted custom part numbers or the existing ones. Note that there is a checkbox you may enable when submitting your spreadsheet that will delete all existing custom part numbers.
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  • Add Custom Part Numbers

  • Our former method of adding custom part numbers has now been built into our Products pages.
  • When logged in, search for the desired products using the main search tool at the top-right of any page. From the search results, select a desired product, which will open its details page.
  • Elliott Online Product Details Info
  • To the right of the green "Add to Cart" button you will see a link to Add a Custom Part Number. Click this, enter your desired custom part number and an optional description, and then click "Save."
  • You may now use your the new custom part number in product searches, as well as when building quotes. Your Custom Part Numbers are also visible on your online invoices.
  • If you already know the Elliott part numbers for the desired products, you may find the Multiple Upload or the Rapid Entry method more efficient.
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  • Maintain Custom Part Numbers

  • Custom Part Numbers Main page: Maintain Parts
  • The 'Maintain Custom Part Numbers' feature allows you to search all products that already have Custom Part Numbers assigned to them, so that you can edit/change any Custom Part Number and/or description.
  • From the Custom Part Numbers main page, you may use the search tool shown above to search your existing Custom Part Numbers by Keyword, Custom Part Number, Elliott Part #, or Manufacturer/Brand. Click the Maintain hyperlink to show a list of all of your Custom Part Numbers, which will look like the image shown below.
  • List of Custom Part Numbers to Edit
  • Simply click the (Edit) link next to any item in the results list and you will be able to enter new text for the Custom Part Number as well as the Description. Do this for as many of the items as necessary.
  • Be sure to click Save All Changes (at the top of the page) when you are done.
  • Search & Filter Options:
    If you would like to limit what Custom Part Numbers are displayed, you may use the search tool at the top of the list (shown expanded above). Use it to filter by Custom Part Number, Elliott Part Number, Manufacturer, or Keyword. These same search options can also be used to search our products so that you can add new custom part numbers without leaving this page.
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  • Delete Custom Part Numbers

  • You can delete Custom Part Numbers from the "Maintain Custom Part Numbers" list (shown above), accessed from the main Custom Part Numbers page (Login > Account > Purchase > Custom Part Numbers > Maintain).
  • Click the red button with the white "X," found on the far left side of each Custom Part Number, to permanently remove a Custom Part Number. When you click the "X" a checkmark will appear in its place, but this does NOT mean the part number has been deleted yet.
  • Click "Save All Changes" (at the top) once you have finished selecting all of the items you wish to delete. If you accidentally select an item, you may click it again to deselect it. When you click "Save All Changes," all Custom Part Numbers marked by green checkmarks will be deleted.

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